Monday, December 29, 2008

Sephora Nail Patch review (aka those nail polish sticker thingies)

I have been eying these things forever...I first saw them in the Avon Catalog years ago. How cool is this idea?! I was super psyched about it because when you have kids you do not have time to do your nails and wait for it to dry. I am also so uncoordinated my nail polish never looks good and usually starts chipping immediately. When I was at Sephora the other day, I found these nail patches
. I ad to try them!

Well, the review is in and..............THEY ARE NOT GOOD! With full disclosure, I did not take 10 minutes a nail to apply these things. I read the directions, slapped them on, and the results were complete and utter failure. They were easy to put on but hard to maneuver around the top of the nail. They ended up balling up and chipping within a few minutes of application (if not immediately). After the first several nails I decided to take more time- trimming the tops carefully with a nail clipper so there was not too much excess, but they still had too much "polish" at the ends. As you can see in my pic, they look like a 2 week old manicure, and this was minutes after application. Save your money and buy yourself a manicure. Although, for $8 (or 2 Starbucks) they are kind of fun to play with.


Casii said...

You have to wonder who tested these things out! I'm a total Sephora nut and have these in my shopping cart to get up to free shipping. No more, it's getting deleted.

DD said...

I know Casii! They are awful, so disappointing because the concept is great.

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

I tried the Avon brand when they first came out and I definitely gave them a thumbs down. Good to know a better brand isn't any better. I'll continue to pass.