Monday, December 22, 2008

Before and After pics above.
So, my girlfriend kept telling me about how awesome the airbrush tan was. In my neighborhood, they cost $100 or more! My friend got hers at Aloha Sun in Marietta for $35 (or $30 if you buy a package). I sucked it up, made the drive, and boy was it worth it!! The airbrush lady (probably not her real title) did an amazing job and spent a long time getting it perfect. She puts more on the areas that get more sun naturally, like the fronts of your arms. This gives you a contouring effect and it just looks fab. I am naturally WHITE AS A GHOST, as evidenced in my before picture. I do not tan. But, now it looks pretty natural. Be prepared when you go- you have to wear loose clothing and can not go run around town afterwards because if you wear your bra and undies, it will smudge the tan. You have the choice of getting as undressed as you want. I ended up having to go full monty because I was wearing lace underwear and she said it would make a lace patterned tan...not exactly the look I was going for. Being naked in front of a stranger was not my first choice of things I wanted to do today, but she made me feel comfortable. Too bad for her she usually is airbrushing bikini models and had to look at a middle aged housewife in the buff! Supposedly this lasts up to 10 days. I will let you know if that is true. Oh yeah, no showers for 8 hours before or after (hence the hideous hairdo).

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