Saturday, January 24, 2009

Benefit 10 Review (a really cool bronzer/highlighter combo blush)

This is a cool product and a staple in my "must have/essentials" makeup bag. It is a pressed powder, and comes in a little paper box and a blush brush. It comes off on the brush VERY easily (I usually tap excess off). One side of the powder is a pink highlighter (to make your cheekbones look all "Gisele-ish" (okay, I wish, but it makes your cheek bones look more defined). The other half is bronzer and it makes you look skinny and sucked in. You use both at the same time, with the highlighter above the bronzer and you get the contoured effect. I usually have to blend the line with my fingers on my cheek. You can also swirl both together for a natural healthy blush. I usually do not wear a blush in addition to this, but sometimes I do. Let me know what you think about it! Again, my best advice is to try this stuff out at Sephora or a Benefit counter (try Macy's). Or you can buy it here.

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Casii said...

Haven't tried this yet, but Benefit with their cute packaging always manages to suck me in.