Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite things challenge

At one of the blogs I like, Fiddledeedee, she asked readers to post their favorite thing- something that makes life easier, more fun, or more beautiful. My first instinct was to post about green smoothies, which are my new obsession recipes here . They are SO healthy and really taste good (unless you use arugula...learned that one the hard way). BUT, seeing as green smoothies have nothing to do with beauty reviews, I thought I would post one of my new favorite beauty things: pedeggrules. For ten bucks and a 20% off coupon at bed bath and beyond ( guess that would make it 8 bucks), you too can get rid of those nasty dry spots and callouses that even the pedicure people can not do anything with. You need one. Now.


Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

So they really do work? I have seen the commercials but wasn't sure - thanks for the review!

Thanks for participating in "My Favorite Things"!!!

kelena said...

Thanks for your article on the broad band light treatment. I just got it done on Wednesday, so today is my 3rd day. I look horrible. I look like my face was scraped on the pavement. The brown spots I had on my face are really dark and I have brown splotches all over my face. I am happy to read from your article that it will go away within a week. I did not think it hurt to much. I did have a topical anethestic applied to my face. It was startling and it felt like my face was being zapped. Thanks again for your comments and I hope I look better soon.

Jerilynn said...

I love Favorite things post. I have Favorite Things Thursday on my blog. I'll have to remember the Ped Egg for a future Thursday. It rocks!