Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oh how I love thee! Philosophy "When Hope Is Not Enough" serum

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I was never a big gimmicky skincare person. I used whatever basics the dermatologist recommended- cetaphil to wash my face, purpose, lubriderm, etc.. type lotions to moisturize and that was it. My skin always was a little dry and makeup never sat right on it, especially later in the day. I NEVER used concealer because it looked so cakey and old and gross under my eyes. Then along came QVC. ON a whim I bought the Philosophy skincare line. The cleanser (Purity Made Simple) is just so so- if it did not come with the kit, I would not neccessarily buy it. The other stuff (moisturizer and mini peel) are great, but I really think the serum has made the biggest difference! Adding this serum under my moisturizer has changed my life. Ok, maybe not my life, but at least the skin! My skin stays moisturized ALL DAY and my makeup and concealer look great. The best part is the serum does not make your skin greasy. If you tend to have dry skin, I would definitely recommend adding this to your routine!

Do you use a serum with your skincare? I would love any cheapie/drugstore brand recommendations. What works best for you?

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Anonymous said...

I too, got sucked into a QVC show and tried Philosphy kit a few years ago. I've gone back and forth, not being consistent.
When I DO use the system consistently, my skin, except for my hormonal chin bombs(!) looks amazing.

Love the Serum as well!