Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Smith's Rosebud Salve Review

I have been hearing about Smith's Rosebud Salve for ages. It is always on top 10 lists, all time favorite lists. stuff like that. I have never been that interested because I do not love lip balm in a pot. Something about dipping a potentially dirty finger in a pot and then the germs festering for 2 years never did it for me. HOWEVER, I caved after seeing this at Sephora so many times and hearing so many raves. And let me tell you, it may have been the best $7 I ever spent. I love this stuff. This is a great lip balm. Not too greasy, not too waxy. It makes my dry winter lips feel silky and moist, but not sticky. I have also used it as a little blusher/cheek color for a mid day freshen up, and as a cuticle/nail cream, and hand cream. There are a million uses for it. It smells very lightly of roses and has no taste. Here is what the company says about it:

"Smith's Rosebud Salve (0.8 oz.)
Since 1895, this world-famous salve has been lauded by fashion magazines, make-up artists, and celebrities as their number one preferred lip balm. In addition to being a wonderful lip moisturizer, natural-looking lip gloss and lipstick base, it is still a family favorite to aid in the relief of chapped and dry skin, blemishes, diaper rash, and detergent burns.

* Outline lips with lip liner of you choice about ¼ inches from the outside of your lips toward the center. Then use a lip brush to blend the salve to achieve a “pouty look”.
* Use Rosebud Salve alone or over your favorite hue of lipstick to moisturize and give a “dewy effect”.
* Apply Rosebud Salve to eyebrows to tame an unruly brow line while also giving sheen.
* Rosebud Salve is great on fly-away or frizzy hair. Dab a small amount on the palms of your hands and apply sparingly to tresses.
* Use Rosebud Salve as a subtle accent to cheek bones, collar bones, shoulders, or any other body part that you want to moisturize or enhance.
* Apply rosebud Salve lightly to the skin above the eye as a base for powered eye shadow, and then add the desired colors you wish to dazzle your eyes with. The rich emollient properties of the Salve will help to hold that look all day."